What We Do

From large commercial builds to new prestige homes, Power Solutions provides the best outcome for your project, every time.

We work on every stage of the project, from design right through to ongoing maintenance.

We’ve built a reputation for excellence in design, delivery and service by providing custom products and tailored electrical services to our clients throughout Brisbane.


New technology and evolving work styles means ever changing needs. The Power Solutions team keeps your project on the cutting edge and future ready with our experience and drive to stay at the forefront of sustainable and efficiency driven technology.

From full electrical plans for commercial builds to data and communications, switchboard upgrades to meeting your heating, cooling and security needs.

Our industry connections with leading suppliers and manufacturers ensure we deliver solutions you can rely on; now and into the future.


More builders trust Power Solutions when building prestigious and luxury homes.

Our team is professional, experienced and trustworthy. Making them an asset on any build.

We help create homes that not only look stunning but function seamlessly. From climate and lighting control to smart homes and security. We strive for function, integration, sustainability and beauty.


On big projects that require collaboration and flexibility Power Solutions has got you covered.

From large installs to intricate system commissions. We handle industrial projects with ease and precision. We deliver on time, on budget and on spec. Working seamlessly with other trades and teams when needed.

In an ever-changing industry here is just some of what we do: